Joseph Hill lawrence

The long and faithful [servant] of the Town, the Council decided on making his funeral a public one, and the Mayor issued notices to that effect and requested all the places of business to be closed during the afternoon, which was [agreed] to by nearly every businessman in the town. The funeral took place at two o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, and after the customary religious services said by the Rev. E. Sallows, the Corporation of the Town of Collingwood took possession of the remains and formed a procession in the following order:

Public Schools and Teachers
High School and Teachers
Orange Lodge
Oddfellows Lodge
Stayner Municipal Council
Collingwood Township Council
Members of the County Council
Collingwood Town Council
Pall Bearers The Hearse Pall Bearers
Citizens on Foot

A few minutes past two, the procession proceeded in the above order from the later residence of the deceased on Maple street, along Second to Hurontario street, and then to the Wesleyan Cemetery. The pupils and teachers of the Public and High Schools attended the funeral in force, and added a very pleasing feature to the procession. There were probably not less than 100 people who took part in the funeral, and many of the oldest settlers made the remark that the funeral was the largest that had ever taken place in Collingwood, and that it was a just and fitting tribute to one who had lived so long and so well amongst us, and who had departed, at the end of a busy life, with his harness on, still willing to do battle until the last moment.